by The Use


"When is comes to sounds I think your ear is incredible. Stay focused - I see a bright future ahead."
Kmack the producer (Beyonce, P.Ditty, Missy Elliot).

He speaks in colors, motivated by the blue energy of the pen, and it's Vivid like Graffiti. That's Black Saturn, collaborating with The Use, and then remixed 10 times over.

All music is unfinished before it's finished. That is a golden piece of the process. What is not golden is calling an unfinished piece done and selling it up next to perfectly crafted and tweaked creations and asking for people's valuable time and money.

So, when Christopher Gilmore (aka FluiD) asked me to release a remix album on Alrealon Musique, I knew what I had to do.

I couldn't fit every artist I respect on there, so I just invited skilled and committed artists who had contrasting styles so it would hold up as an album. I asked them to improve, add, or utterly destroy it.

They delivered admirably!!!

Offered now as a pay what you want album, Re-FUSED.

Just wanna give your time? We'd be so grateful! Wanna throw in some more? Event better. Enjoy!

1. Bloodwork feat. Black Saturn (3:16)
2. Vivid Like Graffiti (ΔLDN BRWN Remix) (5:52)
3. Phenomenology (Komorébi Remix) (4:47)
4. To Him who loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood (JOHN 3:16 Remix) (5:15)
5. Kronostoic (Sceptre Fretpen Remix) (5:08)
6. Palindromes (Daze of Resistance Remix) (8:22)
7. Bloody Works (Stranger! Danger! Remix) (3:09)
8. 4th Committment (Damien Olsen Remix) (5:34)
9. Maintain Radio Silence (Laica Remix) (3:58)
10. Asteroid Belt ‘Round Saturn (Borne Remix) (6:32)
11. Bloodwork (alt) feat. Konrad Meissner drums (3:11)

Mastered by Philippe Gerber at All Real Sound
Except Track 2 by Heba Kadry / Timeless Mastering


released July 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Alrealon Musique

Alrealon Musique is an independent music label, dedicated to experimental music. We support only what we love and there is no concession to this rule. We do not have any preconceived ideas of any sort; no matter what type of music touches us, whatever we love, we promote. We created Alrealon Musique to make room for inspired and inspiring music. ... more

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