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John 3​:​16 (ALRN001)

by JOHN 3:16

Who Am I 04:45
Eternal Life 09:43


The electronic soundscapes crafted by the UK-based solo composer who comprises John 3:16 (his/her identity is still a bit of an enigma) encompass such a wide range of influences, so many hints at disparate genres, and a real emotion often lacking from a lot of music made in this way. The mix of psychedelia, drone, soundtrack, dark ambient and everything else even remotely close to these genres makes for a unique mix - and one that is highly listenable, even for those who aren't normally interested in this style of music. John 3:16's music has been described as haunting, terrifying even, yet it can also be as just tranquil - ranging from the aforementioned sinister nature of 'Eternal Life' to the swirling psychedelia of opener 'Who Am I'. There is however, a very dark undercurrent running throughout the release until the fitting closer '...Justice Served'. It is very important to point out that his/her music never suffers from the pitfalls of so much ambient music - lack of diversity and song development. In fact, I listened to this whole way through with my partner (she likes popular Rock and Dance music, 'nuff said) and she declared it "the most interesting thing" we'd listened to for days - in the context of the combined music tastes, this was high praise indeed. This is ambient music for everyone, with an abundance of intellectual originality and musicality to keep even the most embittered elitist fan intrigued and satisfied for hours. Without hyperbole, absolutely one of my favorite releases of the year.
David Simmonds / Bad Acid Magazine


released April 22, 2007


all rights reserved



Alrealon Musique Brooklyn, New York

Alrealon Musique is an independent music label, dedicated to experimental music. We support only what we love and there is no concession to this rule. We do not have any preconceived ideas of any sort; no matter what type of music touches us, whatever we love, we promote. We created Alrealon Musique to make room for inspired and inspiring music. ... more

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