Hallucinations (ALRN064)

by The Jazzfakers

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1. Hypnagogia (4:38)
2. Phantacursis (5:53)
3. Delirium Tremens (5:44)
4. Hypnopompia (8:58)
5. Bicameralism (6:38)
6. l-DOPA (5:00)
7. The Sacred Disease (3:58)
8. Synesthesia (7:30)

The Jazzfakers are back with their 4th cd titled "Hallucinations" on the Alrealon Musique label. The theme was developed from the Oliver Sacks book titled "Hallucinations". All tracks were recorded while each of the Jazzfakers were under the influence of a different hallucinogenic state. All tracks were recorded at Martin Bisi's studio in July of 2013. Photography by Jessica R. Pepper. Design by Raphael Zwyer.Mixed and mastered by Robert L. Pepper.


released June 23, 2016



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Alrealon Musique

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