Alrealon Musique & Bad Alchemy Present: Trace Elements (ALRN080)

by V/A


1. Agah Bahari & Pas Musique - Lucky Number 7
2. Fat Kneel - LSDmons
3. Borne - Fallt
4. Rachel Mason - Sand Dunes (TheUse Remix)
5. Black Saturn - BackGround Music
6. Fairy Scouts - Dazzle Camo
7. Chester Hawkins - The Role Of Control Surfaces
8. The Jazzfakers - Hypnagogia
9. Jeff Surak - Monitor Outside
10. Kate Carr - I made this track from wind, hunting signs and music I secretly recorded
11. Be The Hammer - Safe
12. Mark Harris & JOHN 3:16 - He once made us tremble_He once Inspired awe
13. [ówt krì] - The Traveller’s Memoir
14. Murmurists - Soutine Thick Line
15. Rapoon - Dersariti-tam
16. Jan Swinburne - industrialIOPHILIA
17. Your Grace Adrianna Natalie - Living Souls
18. K0Ks - Lemon Butch
19. The Strange Walls - The Girl On Mangragora


releases March 20, 2017

Curated by Philippe Gerber, Michael Durek, and Robert L. Pepper
Art by Robert L. Pepper

Bad Alchemy:



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Alrealon Musique

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